Friday, July 27, 2012


Every stylish college girl needs a great bag to carry all of her everyday essentials to and from class. On campus, nothing says "stylish woman" better than a classic tote and nothing says "high school girl" faster than a backpack.

So without further ado, say hello to my most recent (and beloved) splurge: 
the Baxter Street large Catalina tote by Kate Spade

I look for some very specific qualities when shopping for an everyday bag, and I highly suggest you watch out for them too! Firstly, the bag must be big enough to carry your studying materials (laptop, textbooks, etc.). Anything that is at least 14 inches wide is typically OK. Secondly, I prefer to have one, well-made bag that will last for years than a few trendy, cheap bags. This means that I might have to spend a decent chunk of money, but it's a worthy investment in the eyes of this ECC. Finally, color and material are key. I chose my saddle-colored leather Kate Spade bag because it's a shade that can be worn in every season, and leather is both classic and sturdy. Black is also a great color in terms of versatility, but I personally shy away from carrying such a dark shade in the spring and summer months. Check out how great a classic tote looks on the ladies below!

*ECC TIP* A lot of the best, highest-quality bags come from more expensive brands like Kate Spade, Tory Burch, and Michael Kors. If you love the look but can't afford to spend too much on your bag, CHECK OUT EBAY! I cannot recommend this enough. You can find amazing designer bags for incredible prices, so take a look!

Happy shopping,

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Well collegiates, it's that time of year again!

It's officially back to school prep season. With only about a month left until I move back to Boston for the academic year, I'm feeling restless, excited, and a little bit stressed out - all classic symptoms of the back to school bug. What better time to start my blog?

I'm approaching my back to school preparation with a 4-pronged strategy.
My main focuses are:

  • Decorating and arranging my apartment bedroom to be both chic and functional
  • Building a killer wardrobe with great outfits for both day and night
  • Reaching my maximum physical potential by perfecting my hair, beauty, and body routines
  • Filling my social calendar with great places, parties, concerts, etc.
I'll be posting about my progress in each category to keep you all updated and hopefully give you some ideas to make the most of your own back to school prep!

P.S. I'm sorry this post is all text and no pictures. Once I get some momentum going and some things to show you, I hope to be posting more photos than words! Much prettier and more effective, in my opinion.

Until next time,